Bio Gel Nails


Benefits: Chip-proof nail colour for up to three weeks.

Verdict: Nothing could chip or break my nails after this manicure. Applied in gel form, you effectively have fake nails painted on top of your own - but they looked completely natural. The gel dries under UV light, which means it's hard as nails before you can even leave the salon. The odd crack began to show after ten days, and you need a special solution to dissolve the gel. If you want long-lasting nails, this is for you. 9/10


Why: No chipping for seven weeks.

Verdict: Amazing! Feet are cleansed, cuticles shaped and the Executive Base, a simple nail protector, is painted on. The Bio Sculpture Gel is painted across the nail. It is set under a UV lamp for two minutes, then gently buffed. This permanent pedicure is quick and the colour does not chip or flake. 10/10

What's new in the world of beauty treatments? There's only one way to find out - so Ingeborg van Lotringen and her testers prepared to be pampered. It can be a tough job.

Perfect 10: nailed

Regular manicures chip within days. One answer would be acrylics, but do you really want to spend the time and money, and risk the relative damage to your nails?

Me neither. I needed an alternative-and found one. A Bio Sculpture Manicure stays perfect for about two weeks but is applied like any regular manicure with no glues or drills going anywhere near you. The secret is that instead of regular varnish, non-acrylic soluble gels are used - and they dry in seconds to leave hard but flexible protective layers.

My nails were painted with a base coat, then buffed slightly for grip. Two layers of Bio Sculpture Gel followed - I opted for clear gel and white tips, but there's a vast choice of colours you can choose from if you prefer - and my rather brilliant Jiheyon finished off with a top coat for extra gloss.

The genius of the gel is that it only comes off with a special solvent, so you can paint any varnish over it and wipe it off without affecting your Bio Sculpture manicure underneath. Also, because it dries instantly, its the one manicure (or pedicure) after which you truly can be out the door straight away, unlike 'express manicures' where the half-dry polish comes off the minute you reach for your purse or step into your shoes.

The manicure grows out from the root, but after about two weeks you can fill this in with take-home products or have infills done at the salon, giving you another two or three weeks. Lengthening nails is possible too, with your technician building a gel sculpture using thin layers of gel. Fabulous.

Nails naturally yellow and ridge with time. For shiny, fuss-free, perfect nails (on fingers and toes), try a Bio-Sculpture Nail Gel treatment, from £35 a session . The gel, which is painted over the nail (think thick varnish), comes in a choice of either clear (which has a white-gel tip for a great French Manicure) or coloured. Once set, the gel lasts and lasts, although re-growth will need to be filled in every two weeks or so. But the real bonus is that the gelled nails look immaculate and totally natural, without any worry of chips or breakages - plus, your nails remain healthy underneath. Personally, I'm addicted to it.

Description: article from Vitality Magazine

TREAT YOUR FEET - Okay ladies, so looking after your nails and going sailing doesn't really go together, but now summer is well and truly here it's time to bare your toes. Which is why "sailing proof" nail gel is such a genius idea. The Bio Sculpture Gel is a tough, waterproof, chip-proof and scratch resistant finish which retains it's colour for around six weeks and dries instantly under UV Light, so no waiting around for nails to dry or risk of damaging them. So you can jump in the shower after sailing before going out in strappy sandals or flip-flops, no longer be ashamed of your sailor's feet. 

Try Bio Sculpture Gel overlays. They are painted on your nails and set under UV light. You can choose colour, French or clear finish and your nails will stay chip-free for up to three weeks.



There's nothing more satisfying than glancing at your hands and seeing a shining, pretty, perfect manicure glistening there before you. Men don't understand it, but is enough to make us, as women, sigh with pleasure and feel - at that moment - blissfully content. 

We may be overworked and harried, but if our nails look like those of an idle heiress who whiles away her days with shopping and facials, then Fabulous darling - we feel like just as pampered as Paris Hilton herself! We can all have beautiful hands, why not give yours a treat!

Biosculpture Gel

Iíve had the Biosculpture gel nails for a month now and Iíve never been happier with my hands! I am hopeless with nail polish because I constantly use my hands and am quite clumsy - normal nail polish chips in a couple of hours for me, but this gel manicure looks exactly like it did when the girls put it on, over a week ago! It looks just like normal polish but stronger - I think of it as a semi-permanent polish, rather than a fake nail. Itís sooo pretty and so low maintenance. I LOVE it and itís great value - Iíll never look back.

Also - if you get tired of your colour you can put nail polish over the top - then take it off with a special nail polish remover and your gel nails will be fine. Itís a lot healthier than acrylic, and it doesnít look as thick, but itís flexible as well. When you soak it off your nails are long, strong and healthy. Biosculpture gel is available in over 100 beautiful fashion colours, Clear and French Manicure the perfect solution for beautiful nails


The biggest celeb craze right now is Bio Sculpture Gel - loved by Charlotte Church, Jessica Alba and Jordan.

This is a non-chip nail gel that should see you through your summer holiday and beyond.

It is effectively like having fake nails painted on top of your own nails. Sculpting gel is used to build nail extensions, protecting the natural nails and allowing those that are weak and brittle to grow.

The finish can either be left natural looking or there is a choice of over 100 different colours, and the gel is easily removed without any damage to your natural nails. 

Prices start from £35.00 for Gel treatments. 


by Natalie Langford  of VERVE MAGAZINE

I was to be having a Bio Sculpture Gel manicure, and admittedly, I had absolutely no idea what it would involve. Previously I had tried acrylic nails, and although I had been very pleased with how they looked, I found they absolutely destroyed my natural nails – so I only reserved them for special occasions such as holidays and weddings. Suffice to say I was very curious what the gel option had to offer…

Bio Sculpture Gel treatments are said to offer permanent nail colour that lasts for weeks without wearing or chipping. Plus, you can change your nail colour easily by applying Bio Sculpture Varnish at your next appointment – or you can opt for French manicure or natural and apply your own varnish on top. Other advantages include the fact the gel application is much better for your natural nails than acrylic, as there are no glues or drills, plus, as the gel tips are completely flexible, they won’t snap off like brittle acrylic tips sometimes do – in fact, the gel strengthens and conditions the natural nail!

I was seated at one of the nail stations and Sam offered me a drink. I immediately felt comfortable in her company, which is a prerequisite for a treatment you should wholeheartedly enjoy. To start, Sam painted my nails with Bio Sculpture Clear Base Gel - a base coat that protects the nail surface. I opted for clear gel and natural tips, but there's a vast choice of colours you can choose from if you prefer. My natural nails were actually incredibly short, and as well as being slightly embarrassed I was also really curious as to how Sam would create length and strength with what looked like a liquid gel.

A unique feature to Bio Sculpture Sculpting Gel is its ability to be used to sculpt a durable but flexible natural looking nail. The Sculpting Gel is opaque (the same as my natural nail) so it creates the perfect natural look. Gel nail sculptures assure length without the use of tips and glues and will last until the natural nail has grown out to the required length. Lastly Sam applied a strengthening layer of Bio Sculpture S-gel and “cured” for two minutes under Bio Sculpture UV lamps. Lastly, a Bio Sculpture Top Coat was applied to create a high-gloss finish. 

I was incredibly impressed with my Bio Sculpture Gel Manicure. My nails didn’t feel heavy or painful, like they did when I had acrylics. The tips looked natural and as they were strong, yet flexible, they were impossible to snap or break. The overall look was amazingly natural – considering I had no length to my nails before the manicure, they looked surprisingly organic. Two weeks after my manicure I painted my nails a deep maroon for a party, and they still looked amazing. For the summer I’ll definitely be paying another visit to Sophisticut – this time for my toenails